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iDrive Throttle Controller suits Toyota Alphard (Ah30 3rd Gen) 2015 On by iDrive

iDrive Throttle Controller suits Toyota Alphard (Ah30 3rd Gen) 2015 On by iDrive

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Economy Mode Perfectly suited for off-road and low-traction driving situations, Economy Mode dampens your throttle response past factory levels. First, the i DRIVE plugs directly into your pedal command module, making installation possible in as little as 5 minutes. Ultimate Mode Ultimate Mode offers 10 sensitivity levels with level 1 o. Installation can take as little as five minutes. i DRIVE offers a total of four driving modes and twenty adjustable settings, delivering the perfect throttle response for your driving style and situation. If youd like to regain control over the throttle response of your vehicle, its time for i DRIVE. What Makes i DRIVE a Superior Throttle Controller?i DRIVE provides the smoothest aftermarket control module on the market. Find out if its compatible for your vehicle by selecting your brand on the Automotive Superstore i Drive page. The i Drive throttle controller provides new points of reference for your vehicles throttle mapping, modifying the voltage signal to allow a tuned response from the accelerator pedal. By bringing in the throttle earlier in the pedal stroke, throttle response and acceleration improves and sharpens and the dead zone disappears. i DRIVE throttle controllers do not impact fuel mapping, air to fuel ratios, or injection timing. When more controlled power application to the wheels is required (i. This system is available for most makes and models made in the last 10-15 years. The redundancy and complex nature of the ECU results in noticeable acceleration delays. i DRIVE is customised for each vehicle make and model, be sure to select the unit designed for your specific vehicle. e towing situations), Economy Mode is especially handy. Remember the days when a new throttle cable would fix your acceleration problems? With modern vehicles, the ECU dictates throttle opening and performance. How It Worksi DRIVE modifies the voltage signal from the drive-by-wire pedal assembly and allows the driver to tune the response from the accelerator pedal, reducing the dead zone and throttle lag.

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