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Mann CU2131 Cabin Air Pollen Filter by Mann

Mann CU2131 Cabin Air Pollen Filter by Mann

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Here is another hallmark of MANN-FILTER air filters : the high dust holding capacity ensures reliability throughout the entire service interval. If pollutants in the air, such as soot or dust, get into the combustion chamber, pitting may occur on the cylinder heads, causing premature wear of the engine. In order to guarantee performance, air filters must be checked regularly, as a blocked filter will impede the air supply to the engine. The function of electronic parts located between the suction and the combustion chamber may also be significantly impaired. To achieve optimum performance, combustion engines require clean intake air. No matter whether it's dust, pollen, sand, soot or even water droplets - thanks to the highest degree of dirt separation and high mechanical stability, MANN-FILTER air filters filter even the smallest particles out of the intake air. . The possible consequence of this is : the fuel may not be completely burned and may in part be discarded without being used. MANN-FILTER air filters are the end of the road for all dirt particles. This enables an optimum composition of the fuel-air ratio and ensures that the engine performance is consistent.

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