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Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Triple Chainset - 175mm - 303952 By Campagnolo

$ 149.99

P S Extreme Performance Shifting System : Special design of chain up and downshift zones chainring pin profile optimiza Campagnolo Athena Silver PT Triple Chainset 11 Speed Campagnolo Athena Silver PT Triple 11 Speed Chainset The new triple crankset created to the 11 speed Athena drivetrain is a concentrated package of innovation, unparalleled performance and technology...

Silca Carbon Bottle Cage By Silca

$ 119.49

True to its namesake, Sicuro (Italian for secure), has been created from the ground up to hold your bottle securely but without undue grip pressure The Silca Sicuro Carbon Bottle Cage combines more than 40 years of carbon fibre engineering experience with Silca's exclusive threestage testing protocols to produce the ultimate lightweight, strong and secure botte cage...

Xplova X3 GPS Computer By Xplova

$ 195.99

Lead Your Way With direct waypoint navigation, the X3 is easy and convenient to use for all your navigational needs HighRes Sunlight Readable Color Display Featuring a 2 Precise Positioning with Multiple Satellites X3 is compatible with GPS, GLONASS and Bei Dou satellites to locate your position quickly and precisely—wherever your ride takes you...

Orange Seal Sealant Mechanic Bottle 32oz By Orange Seal

$ 64.99

Instantly seals punctures up to 6mm and slices upto 19mm long Lasts up to 45 days between topups and performs down to 11 degrees CelsiHow much sealant do you need? Roa Seals punctures up to 6mm Seals slices upto 19mm Seals tyres with porosidewalls Works down to 11°c Lasts on average 3045 days between top ups No corrosive formula Also great for inner tubes Available with applicator injector or as a refill bottle...